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GitNex 4.2.0 is out

Feb 27, 2022 by @mmarif

⚠️ Notice: GitNex 4.3.0 will drop support for Android 5. Going forward 5.0.0 will drop for Android 6.

1. Create/delete/list tags

Until 4.1.0 you were able to create releases, in this release we have added an option to create tags. You can delete them when there is a need.

List Tags

2. Hide repository actions for non admins

Previously you would be able to see most Admin actions as a user. In this release we have removed that. You will only see what you are allowed to in the repository. Of course Admin can still see everything.

Hide Actions for non Admins

3. New files diff viewer

With this version comes a new file diff viewer which will list the files 1st to avoid crashes and over loading.

New Diff Viewer

4. Show users who reacted to issue/pr/comment

It will be a mystery if you don't know who reacted on your issue/pr/comment. You can view the list of users who reacted to it now.

Users List for Reactions

5. Redesigned organization Teams

We went ahead and redesigned the whole Organization Teams section with better and catching UI.

Redesigned organization Teams


- Improve Android back button for files browser

- Enhance account manager

- Improve notifications design, taps behavior, show icons for repository and commit

- Show state of pr/issue(closed or open or merged) in notifications

- Improve Markdown files rendering

- Support for Android 12

- In-app custom browser(tabs) for rendering links

- Improve commits UI

Bug fixes:

- Fix crash on issue/pr search

- Fix instances avatar for 1.15 and up

- Block fonts rendering in file viewer

- Fix load images in Markdown files and other fixes

- Fix file browser content doesn't match to the directory shown at the top after viewing a pr

- Fix connection error popup showing when there is connection

Don't forget to watch the video above to know the features and improvements.

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