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GitNex 4.1.0 is out with explore users

Oct 12, 2021 by @mmarif

GitNex 4.1.0 is out with explore users, follow and unfollow user, filter issues by milestone and many other enhancements.

1. Explore users

You can now explore users across your instance.

Explore users

2. Follow / unfollow user

We have introduced profile of users in previous release, in this release we have extended it to follow and unfollow them.

Follow / unfollow user

3. Filter issues by milestone

GitNex 4.1.0 now allows you to filter issues by milestone.

Filter issues by milestone

4. Update pull request (merge, rebase)

We have added merge and rebase options to update pull request.

Update pull request


- Scroll to release tag via link handler

- Search issue/pr by Id

- Hide profile picture when scrolling

- Render markdown in repository and organization descriptions

Bug fixes:

- Fix showing mark as read button for read notifications

You can watch the video above to see all the features and improvements added in this release.

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